Custom-Made Jewelry

If you’re looking for something unique and personal– for a special event, or a special gift– I can take your idea and make it into a custom piece of jewelry, using wire and stones of your choice. You can even send me your own beads or stones to work into the design.

I can get most orders done within a month, including the time it takes to get any new materials I need.
The price will vary depending on the design, but for any individual piece I won’t charge more than $40 beyond the cost of materials (and more likely closer to $20).

Here is what I made for someone who handed me some pebbles that had sentimental value and asked me to incorporate them into a necklace:

Here is a necklace and earring set I created for someone who brought me rough citrine and amethyst stones from a quarry:

Gemstone Set

And an example of a custom-made pair of earrings, for someone who just asked for something with green stones:

And here’s a necklace and earring set I made by re-setting emeralds from some old jewelry:

I’m currently not equipped to make anything that requires melting, molding or soldering the metal, but I can make a wide variety of things just by bending wire and incorporating whatever other materials I have. Email me your idea and I’ll see what I can invent!