Jewelry Details

Welcome to The Heathersmith: Fanciful Jewelry by Erika Hammerschmidt!
This site was formerly known as Erika’s Enterprises: Creative Handmade Jewelry.




Sizes and weights of items are listed below the item pictures.

I can adjust most items on request at no extra charge. (However, adding large amounts of extra material to a piece of jewelry will require a charge to cover the cost of material.)

Ask me in an email ( if you need a size adjustment.

(Sizes and weights listed are approximate. With earring weights, I am more likely to round up, and with necklace and bracelet lengths I am more likely to round down… this is to avoid disappointing someone with a necklace that is too short or earrings that are too heavy.)




All chain necklaces and bracelets have hook clasps:

Pendants without chains come with a black cord, which has a lobster clasp and short adjustable chain on the end.




Crowns are adjustable to fit many different head sizes. Some have hook and loop backs, others have sliding backs.

Hook and loop back

Sliding back



Elf Earrings

Elf earrings: Earrings that make your ears pointy! See the elf earring page for more information on sizes and instructions.

Elf Earrings



Earring styles

My earrings with French hooks are gold filled or sterling silver, depending on the earring style.

French hooks

When buying earrings, please ask me in an email ( if you would like the hooks replaced. Hooks can be changed to clips or ear cuffs on request at no extra charge.

(For more information about ear cuffs, see here.)

Clips come in gold-plated or silver-plated styles

Ear cuffs come in gold filled or sterling silver